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This campaign took first place in the 2011-2012 competition sponsored by the American Advertising Federation.

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The demographic landscape of the United States is changing. Now more than ever, larger populations of multicultural individuals are present and fully integrated into all parts of American society. As such, building a market share in the African American, Hispanic, and Chinese Millennial markets is absolutely necessary. Nissan recognizes the need to connect with these audiences and will do so by generating increased awareness about its innovative brand. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln NSAC Team has devised an effective, buzz-stimulating campaign to target these audiences.

Nissan offers many innovative features that appeal to Multicultural Millennials. This target audience, however, does not recognize Nissan as an innovative company. They are not as familiar with the brand as they are with the competition. In summation, there is a clear disconnect between innovation and Nissan.

We asked members of the target audience about what innovation meant to them. The overwhelming response was that innovation was something that they had personally tried. It simplified a task, raised their standards, or changed the way they live. Before experiencing an innovation, they did not know what they were missing, because innovation cannot be described, briefly demonstrated, or explained in a brochure. Innovation must be experienced to be valued. Innovation is...

Hard to explain, Easy to experience

Our creative communications with the target audiences all revolve around getting the target audience to experience Nissan’s innovations for themselves. Through strategic implementation of traditional media, social media, out-of-home executions, public relations, and point of purchase interactivity, our campaign communicates our message effectively and efficiently.


Account Services ● Hans Christensen—Account Supervisor ● Kevin McCaskill—Account Supervisor ● Calvin Drey—Account Planner/Project Manager/PR ● Michelle Pineda—Account Coordinator/Project Manager/PR ● Paul Henderson—Account Planner ● Chelsey Wahlstrom—Account Planner/PR ● Zee Chiweshe—Account Planner/PR ● Jana Schneider—Account Planner/PR ● Ashley Turner—Account Planner

Media Services ● Sara Smits—Media Director Bingjie Zhao—Media Planner ● Tayler Thomas—Account Planner/Media Planner/PR ● Megan Homolka—Copywriter/Media Planner

Creative ● Landon Stahmer—Creative Director ● Rance Ristau—Project Manager ● Nolan Gauthier—Copywriter ● Tim Obermueller—Copywriter ● Russell Troxel—Copywriter ● Dana Oltman—Art Director ● Dennis Bukowski—Art Director ● Maddie Jager—Art Director ● Dylan McCaugherty—Interactive Designer/Writer ● Abby Meyer—Film