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Campaign Challenge The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications has entered the Big Ten conference and would like to assure its position among other competing mass communications programs with a more integrated and memorable recruiting and branding campaign designed to promote the CoJMC’s strengths of community, faculty, and the new worlds of digital and mobile technologies.

Target Audiences High school students, their parents and advisers, and college transfer students from other community colleges.

Budget The budget for this campaign was under $10,000.

Objectives To research, concept and create an integrated marketing communications plan that will effectively promote the UNL CoJMC to prospective high school students, their parents and advisers, and others involved in the continued growth of the CoJMC and its highly regarded academic and professional reputation.

Creative Strategy The creative is edgy and current, designed to create interest and buzz among the primary target audiences–high school students. The voice and tone of the creative messages meet the needs of the millennial generation and the messages are reflected in each piece through innovative copy, design, and function. Because of what we learned regarding the importance of the CoJMC website experience for potential students, our materials are designed to “get the attention” of the audiences and then to have them further explore other online information, such as the website (currently in a revision of content and design) and a possible microsite, and social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. The team did not make any specific creative suggestions for the current CoJMC website. The college has a team of outstanding professionals who are in the process of updating and modifying it. However, there are many good recommendations from this team’s research as well as Dr. Shipley’s class research that can guide the CoJMC website team toward an even more effective online presence.