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Depth Report, College of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Nebraska- Lincoln, 2008. Copyright 2008 University of Nebraska- Lincoln.


OVERVIEW – The tradition of quilting is engaging people of all ages, genders and classes around the globe
CULTURE – Quilting empowers women and provides them an outlet for expression
MUSEUMS – Museum exhibitions and academics have shown quilting in a different light
THE WHITNEY – The exhibition that changed it all
IQSC – A strong quilting tradition prompts a couple to let their 900-quilt collection establish a museum
AQSG – High standards in quilt-related studies
DOCUMENTATION – Preserving and cataloging quilts make sure information is not lost for future generations
ART QUILTS – As the perception of quilting changes, the craft is increasingly accepted in the world of art
AFRICA – The popularity of quilting, though not a native craft, rises with indigenous people
ASIA – A continent with a deep textiles history celebrates culture through fabric
JAPAN – Ancient sewing techniques once used to create beautiful kimonos now guide modern-day Japanese quilters
EUROPE – Centuries of tradition led contemporary quilters to push for revival
WHOLE CLOTH – Tradition in style and detail
AUSTRALIA – After a fascinating beginning, Australian quilting continues to use techniques inspired by its surroundings
AMERICAS – Immigrants started to shape the American quilt before they finished shaping the country
HAWAII – Bold, bright patterns are reflected through the distinct appliqué style of Hawaiian quilts
AFRICAN AMERICAN – Pieces made with purpose convey meaning through strong patterns and bold colors
BUSINESS – Love of the craft guides business owners to provide quilters with tools
OUTREACH – Quilting as a form of outreach goes beyond state boundaries and spans generations and continents as people worldwide use quilts to connect with others
AIDS QUILT – Piece-by-piece, a quilt is formed by victims’ families and friends to create a fabric legacy
YOUNG QUILTERS – Established quilters strive to garner interest from a younger generation

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