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Fall 2008


Ethanol Depth Report, 2008. DEEP is a periodic publication of the depth-reporting classes at the University of Nebraska– Lincoln’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Copyright 2008 University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Opening Essay BY JOE STARITA

Running on Empty: Food vs. Fuel BY MIMI ABEBE
The recent boom in the ethanol industry has resulted in a greater demand for corn, which, in turn, has led to a strain on the supply, triggering higher prices

Nightmares in the Ethanol Dream BY CASSIE FLEMING
Politicians are quick to endorse the benefits of ethanol production. Others say that view is an illusion.

Follow the Maize BY MIMI ABEBE
The step-by-step stages of ethanol production

History of Ethanol BY MIMI ABEBE
Ethanol’s controversial history dates back to the 1800s

Precise Portions BY CASSIE FLEMING
Precision farming assists farmers in meeting government mandates for increased corn-ethanol production

Subsidies Support Ethanol BY AARON E. PRICE
The ethanol industry receives subsidies from every level of government

Unlimited Resource or Looming Roadblock? BY AARON E. PRICE
Conflicting needs for water complicate Nebraska’s effort to meet ethanol production goals

Increased Corn Production Can Pollute Water BY AARON E. PRICE
As farmers raise more corn for ethanol, they’re likely to use more nitrogen fertilizer and other chemicals that can pollute water

Corn Monoculture No Friend of Biodiversity BY AARON E. PRICE
Federal mandates for corn ethanol, which encourage farmers to plant more corn, may threaten the biodiversity of grasslands

Honing in on the Homeland BY CASSIE FLEMING
In 2006, the United States was the world’s top energy user

Ethanol and the Elements BY MELISSA DROZDA and CAROLYN JOHNSEN
Using ethanol in place of gasoline helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but this solution may contribute to the problems

New Deal or No Deal BY LUCAS JAMESON
Minden’s city officials hope their ethanol plant will spark long-term economic growth

Genesis on Hold BY LUCAS JAMESON
The Genesis plant filed for bankruptcy, leaving millions of dollars owed to companies and local farmers

Infrastructure Impacts BY CAROLYN JOHNSEN
How will ethanol be moved around — from factory to distributor to vehicle?

Sweet Ideas: Alternative Biofuels BY LUCAS JAMESON
Scientists and farmers alike promote research of alternative energy crops but without necessary funds the search to find a cost-effective method continues

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