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Journal of Women in Educational Leadership, Vol. 2, No. 4--October 2004 ISSN: 1541-6224


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As a management and leadership voice in the 1920s and 30s, Mary Parker Follett was far ahead of her time (Burnier, 2003; Business Strategy Review, 2002; Harrington, 1999; Smith, 2002). Follett was born in 1868 in Quincy, Massachusetts and was educated at Radcliffe. She began her professional life as a social worker in Roxbury, an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse neighborhood outside Boston. She believed strongly in the power of diversity to enrich society and advocated the grass roots development of community-based organizations and adult education (Smith, 2002, p. 3). After 1908, she became involved in a movement to establish community centers in public schools and contributed to many community-based and governmental organizations, including the Women's Municipal League, the Massachusetts Minimum Wage Board, and the National Community Center Association.