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Journal of Women in Educational Leadership, Vol. 6, No. I -January 2008 ISSN: 1541-6224


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Great sadness, the inability to sit in front of the television and watch history in action, I lament missing every moment of the Democratic candidates in front of the television cameras. The Democrats are providing the best in historical entertainment, live at five, every day. If we only had time to capture each verbal parry and spar. Think of how our political savvy would be enhanced from these lessons brought to us by the Democratic presidential candidates. Each day is a new extravaganza of "pulling out all the stops." My recent favorite was the Hilary Clinton family parade across my television screen featuring Mrs. Rodham and Chelsea. I can hardly wait for my next dose of political strategizing and maneuvering for the party's nomination. Ah, but to have the luxury of time to sit, listen, and take notes on this exquisite moment in U.S. political drama. This interlude provides a stunning boost to the discussion of women in leadership. A must read-the first volume of Eleanor Roosevelt's papers, The Human Rights Years, 1945-48, offers another temptation-to sit, read, and take notes on Eleanor Roosevelt's literary outpourings. A teaser article by Baird (Newsweek, 12/24/07, p. 44-45) offers a foretaste of the book. Baird's review is a powerful reminder of ER's political savvy and leadership legacy as well as a glimpse at the complexity ofER's work and life. To have the gift of time to focus on the Live at Five show and Eleanor Roosevelt's writings would provide fine lessons in leadership.