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Journal of Women in Educational Leadership, Vol. 8, No.4-October 2010


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For eight years, a group of dedicated reviewers have served the Journal of Women in Educational Leadership (lWEL). Their knowledge of educational leadership, research design and methods, and women as leaders was essential to the review process. These individuals provided service to the journal as a professional courtesy. Their service, generosity, and professional contributions are acknowledged and appreciated as a backbone of lWEL. For eight years, individuals have contributed their research and scholarly manuscripts to the Journal of Women in Educational Leadership. Without these contributions there would be no journal. The trust these individuals placed in the journal made the publication of lWEL possible. Their research and scholarship as well as their trust in lWEL are acknowledged and appreciated. lWEL has had the distinction of being a "paper" journal in a time of diminishing paper journals. The success of a paper journal is linked to the number of subscriptions it attracts. To those who subscribed to lWEL, thank you. Interest in the lournal of Women in Educational Leadership is indicated by the number of individual subscriptions to the journal as well as the number of library subscriptions to the journal. Based on the number of libraries that access lWEL through WilsonWeb, there is great interest in the subjects of the manuscripts that appear in the journal. All of these elements are important components of the journal. The reviewers, authors, subscribers, and online users have all contributed to the success of the journal. These are the builders of the Journal of Women in Educational Leadership. The opportunity to serve as the founding editor of lWEL has been an opportunity to marvel at the amount of "invisible" work that sustains a journal. Thank you to each builder of the journal!