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Journal ofWomen in Educational Leadership, Vol. 7, No.3-July 2009 ISSN: 1541-6224


Readers who enjoy learning about women who are successful leaders in higher education have two more books to add to their libraries. The authors of these two books had similar motivations for their research and subse- quent publications. Their research methodologies were similar in that both works are based on qualitative studies of women college and university presidents. The analysis and synthesis ofthe information gleaned from the studies, and the presentation of that information, differ in ways that make for interesting comparisons.

The subtitles of each book provide clues as to the motivations behind the research. Madsen wants us to learn from the experiences ofthe women she interviewed; Wolverton, Bower and Hyle rely on the women in their study to speak to us in first person about leadership. Madsen is motivated to tell us what experiences make for successful women presidents. Wolverton, et al. want to let the women in their study tell us what makes for an effective leader.