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Journal ofWomen in Educational Leadership, Vol. 8, No. I-January 2010 ISSN: 1541-6224


This research provides insight into the status of female administrators from a particular geographical area in rural America. Findings reveal that some progress has been made across the United States but there is more effort needed especially in the High Plains states. The numbers of females in ad- ministrative positions in the High Plains states from 1997 to 2007 were col- lected from the Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota Departments of Education. The percentages of females in the High Plains states were com- pared to national numbers for the same time period. There has been a pattern of increased numbers and percentages of females serving as superintendents and secondary principals across the United States and High Plain states. The High Plains states consistently lag behind the United States in the percentage of increase of practicing female superintendents and secondary principals for the decade of 1997 to 2007. When considering the status of female ad- ministrators, numbers do not tell the whole story. Additional aspects studied through qualitative inquiry were the career tracks of these women, the barriers they encountered, and the support systems provided for them.