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Summer 9-17-2021

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Poland, A., Durovich, J., & Schwartz, R. (2021). Let Us Roll Up Our Sleeves’: Amplifying Female Academic Leadership Through Collaboration and Mentorship. Journal of Women in Educational Leadership.

doi: 10.32873/unl.dc.jwel.200


Copyright © 2021 Amy Poland, Jo Anne Durovich, & Rachel Schwartz


The strengths of female leadership are illustrated through the 400 year history of the Catholic Sisters of St. Joseph (CSSJ) and their commitment to their charism which focuses on unity, inclusion and relationship building. Within the colleges they established, the Sisters have demonstrated their commitment to collaboration in their many leadership positions - both formal and informal - within the academy. This article focuses on the leadership of the Sisters as demonstrable examples of female leadership within academia, and makes suggestions for carrying the charism of the CSSJ into the future, expanding their focus on inclusivity to incorporate a broad expanse of female leaders.