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Journal of Women in Educational Leadcrship, Vol. 5. No. 3--July 2007 ISSN: 1541-6224


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As I look back on my career, I realize that so much has changed, but in some respects many things have stayed the same. When I was a novice in a leadership role, a mentor offered me what turned out to be sterling advice. Her words ring true to this day. Situations and tools of the trade change, but the basic principles of what she told me remain constant. Allow me to share my experiences "from the field" as a woman who has had a successful career in leadership.

Pearl of Wisdom #1

A good leader understands herself and her followers. A good leader is confident in her knowledge of herself: both her gifts and talents and areas she is not so strong in. A good leader is also able to discern this information about her employees or those with whom she works. This leader will play to her strengths and will recruit assistance from those who have strengths in her own areas that are not as strong in order to compliment her abilities.