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Journal of Women in Educational Leadership, Vol. 5, No. 4--October 2007 ISSN: 1541-6224


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In a packet of materials I received as part of my registration benefits at the annual meeting of a national education group I attended, I received the conference agenda for the group from 1967. This was an interesting bit of memorabilia. The meeting I attended was the 99th annual meeting of the group. An examination of the two agendas from 1967 and 2007 was surprising in that the topics for both meetings were virtually identical. I received a journal from the same national organization recently. The articles addressed significant contemporary issues in education. The startling feature of the issue was that all of the articles were reprints from very "old" issues. When I examined the conference agendas, my thought was-perhaps we haven't made any progress with these topics. When I examined the journal, my thought was-perhaps there was a printing error. However, both the conference agendas and the journal were great reading experiences and allow me to particularly appreciate the manuscripts in this issue of JWEL. In this issue, two manuscripts present Hildegard of Bingen who was born in 1098. To some, Hildegard may be well known. To others, Hildegard may be new. She is, however, from the "olden" times. Reading about Hildegard causes me to remember that each generation must discover the significant issues of its time. Hildegard reminds me that there have been great women in all times. Each generation should have the satisfaction of discovering the voices of women of the "olden" times as well as the voices of women of the contemporary times.