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Journal of Women in Educational Leadership. Vol. 1, No.1-January 2003 ISSN: 1541-6224


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Post modern thought, in particular dynamic systems theory, offers explanations for the profound era in which we live. Defining myself as an educational leader with a post modern visionary perspective, I have deconstructed a change effort in higher education to demonstrate the developmental process that took place within me when I acted as an educational change agent. As part of this story, I have added the voice of an executive coach, who volunteered her services to the university and worked with me during the second semester of this change effort. This effort is analogous to a river that is constantly churning, moving. and changing from moment to moment as tributaries converge, debris is dredged up, and small pieces of silt and sand shape and re-shape themselves. Today, it is increasingly rare for a human to get a first look at data about the world. Even our telescopes are often operated remotely with computer sensors .... [Perception] James Bailey (1996, p. 137)