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I submitted this paper to the International Coach Academy for the partial fulfillment of their Certified Professional Coach Program. This research paper was my last requirement for graduation. I hope you sincerely enjoy and benefit from this information!


Innovation has become essential to survival and success in the 21st Century. Globalization combined with the rapid rate of change and explosive population growth have created a need for entrepreneurial activity, both inside and outside of new venture creation, that leads to continuous innovation while considering social and environmental impacts. Entrepreneurs are needed to establish new ventures and to employ others while developing new products, services and solutions. Entrepreneurial individuals, who may or may not start a business, are needed because they are innovators who behave or act in a proactive manner and move organizations forward.

Many different structures, policies and tools are being used to strengthen innovation within organizations; however, innovative behavior ultimately relies on individuals. Research (Reimers-Hild, 2005) has shown that motivation through personal fulfillment influences characteristics associated with the entrepreneurial personality. The complexity of motivation, entrepreneurial behavior and personal innovation suggests there is a need to explore these areas in greater detail. This paper proposes 1) intuition is a key element related to personal fulfillment and transformation; 2) intuition has the potential to influence entrepreneurial behavior and personal innovation; and, 3) coaching is a key tool in the development of intuition and personal innovation.