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Entomology offers distance degree, non-credit classes

Connie I. Reimers-Hild, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Document Type Article

Published by University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources Cooperative Extension. Used by permission.


Whether you're interested in honing your understanding of the development and management of the state's insect pests or pursuing an advanced degree for professional advancement, the NU Department of Entomology offers classes and a distance M.S. degree that can fit your educational needs. The distance degree program is in addition to conventional M.S. and Ph.D. programs in entomology offered on campus.

The distance M.S. option was developed for students who cannot participate in an on-campus degree program and don't want a conventional, research-based degree. The distance M.S. in entomology emphasizes course work and practical application of graduate training. Intended audiences for this degree are individuals actively involved in jobs or professions where advanced training in entomology is desirable, as well as those seeking such positions. Examples include crop consultants, pest control operators, workers in various ag-related industries (such as co-ops, chemical companies, and seed companies), and high school biology teachers. This is a nonresearch, non-thesis degree option.