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I am so excited about sharing my coaching model with the world!

It is called Dr. Connie's Inner Leader Coaching Ecosystem and was developed to meet graduation requirements for my Certified Professional Coaching Program, and it passed with flying colors!!! :)

Please download the model and take a look at it...your thoughts, questions and insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a million!

-Dr. Connie



Dr. Connie’s Inner Leader Coaching Ecosystem recognizes that life is a journey

with its ups and downs, joys and sorrows, positive and negative changes.

It is designed to blend the spiritual with the physical and material. Most importantly,

it is an ecosystem that recognizes the importance of living fully while making

desired changes and adjustments. A central focus of Dr. Connie’s Inner Leader

Coaching Ecosystem is to help clients live more fully while on their journey to

develop their inner leader and move towards their personal vision. It is not a

coaching process focused on solely reaching goals and achieving objectives.

Itis a journey.

Dr. Connie’s Inner Leader Coaching Ecosystem helps clients organically unfold their personal journey while fully experiencing and enjoying life!