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Published in Nebraska Libraries, May 2013


A conversation with a library colleague on using LibGuides sparked the idea to survey Nebraska Library Association (NLA) members to check the pulse on Nebraska libraries using social software. According to the Mashable website, “Social Software” is defined as the interactive tools used to communicate. My curiosity piqued, I emailed a brief (six questions) survey in March 2013, Nebraska Libraries Using Social Software, to the NLA membership. The survey asked: (1) What type of library do you work in? (2) Is your library using social software? (3) Does your library have a website? (4) What social software is your library using? (5) For what reasons does your library use social software? (6) How long has your library used social media? The intent was to determine the types of social software used by Nebraska libraries and how long Nebraska libraries have participated in social software platforms.