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AALL Spectrum (November 2014) 19(2).


Copyright 2014, Marcia L. Dority Baker and Stefanie S. Pearlman. Photo courtesy of Hannah Alcasid and Catherine A. Lemmer.


There are many reasons to compile a faculty bibliography: recording faculty accomplishments, preserving information for future generations, and supporting your institution’s external affairs office, to name a few. Also, it is a potential publication for librarians at a tenure-granting institution. So, why did we decide to create a faculty bibliography? It was a combination of past inquiries from our patrons and the need to publish. Prior to this bibliography, no such compilation of our faculty’s work existed. Although our library hosts a display of current faculty scholarship at the start of each fall semester to promote recent faculty publications, we did not have a print or electronic compilation that demonstrated the true depth of our faculty’s research, both past and present. We decided to remedy that with our bibliography.

Along the way, this project met with several challenges that ate up more of our time and patience than we thought possible. Although these hurdles made completing the project more rewarding, we don’t wish them on anyone. If you have had enough publication challenges in your life and would prefer a little smooth sailing for the next one, here are seven tips to remember when creating a faculty bibliography for your institution.