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Date of this Version

January 2007


Covers February 1982 through March 1992. The Woman's Journal Advocate was published in Lincoln, Nebraska, during this time. The index does not include the final year of the publication.


By issue, author, and subject. PDF file is searchable.

Subjects include: abortion; abortion legislation; activism; AIDS; alcoholism; animals, cruelty to; anti-gay violence; appointments, political; armed forces, lesbians in; armed forces, women in; art reviews; artists, local; arts, women in the; astrology; athletics, women in; authors, feminist; authors, lesbian; authors, local; automobiles; awards; backpacking; baking; bisexuality; body image; book reviews; book sales; bookstores, feminist; Bork, Robert; Bush, Barbara; business, women in; capital punishment; career oriented programs; career related programs; Cather, Willa; catholicism; censorship; censuses; child care; child labor; child protective services; child support; childbirth; childcare; children, advocacy for; Christianity; civil disobedience; civil liberties; civil rights; co-dependency; comedians, feminist; comedy; community of women; conferences, national; conferences, regional; contraception; Coors beer; court system, women in; crystals; cultural diversity; current events; Davis, Angela; directories, national; disabilities; divorce; domestic partners; domestic partnership; domestic violence; drag shows; drug abuse; economic violence; education, women in; elections, women in; elections, women's issues in; empowerment of women; environmental conerns; Equal Rights Amendment; equality day; families, politics within; family planning; farm economy; feet, sadomasochistic acts toward; festivals, feminist; fiction; film festivals; film reviews; film studies; firearms; firefighter training; firefighters; forums, feminist; foster care; funds; funds, emergency; futurism, feminist; gathering place; gay rights; gender conflict; gender separation; geopolitics; global community; Gorbachev, Raisa; halfway houses; Halley's comet; health care; health insurance; herstory; herstory, great plains; herstory, great plains; herstory, great plains; herstory, great plains; herstory, great plains; herstory, great plains; holidays; Home Economics, College of; homophobia; homosexual youth; homosexuality; hunger; illiteracy; incest; insurance; international women; job discrimination; Judaism; Kansas City; Kearney, NE; Kowalski, Sharon; labor unions; labor unions; language; Latin America; leaders, feminist; league of women voters; legislation concerning homosexuality; legislation, federal; legislation, feminist; legislation, state; lesbianism; lesbians, catholic; lesbians, Italian-American; Lincoln Legion of Lesbians; Lincoln, notable feminist figures; Lincoln/Lancaster Commission on the Status of Women; living wills; lobbying, political; male privilege; marijuana; masturbation; media; media, lesbians in the; media, women in; menstruation; Michigan Womyn's Music Festival; middle-east, the; military, women in the; motherhood; mothers, lesbian; motorcycles; music; music nights; music nights; music reviews; musicians, local; native americans; natural beauty; nebraska commission on the status of women; neo-paganism; nightspots, Lincoln; non-feminist women; NOW; nuclear disarmament; nuclear power; nuclear waste; nutrition; older women; parenting; pay equity; peace, working for; pets; PFLAG; planned parenthood; playboy club, the; poetry; poetry readings; poetry reviews; poetry, writing of; poets; political lobbying; political parties; pornography; prisoners of war; prostitution; publications, anti-racist; publications, feminist; publications, free; publications, US government; publishers, local; quilting; racism; radio, public; rape; rape, recovery from; rape, statistics about; Reagan, Ronald; relationships; religion, ancient; retreats; rural women; sailing; science fiction; Seattle, WA; sewing, irate; sexual assault; sexual harassment; singleness; social security; societal change; South Africa; spirituality; spirituality; statistics concerning women; suffrage; suicide; surrogate mothers; surveys; teenage sex; teenagers, concerns with; television; televison, public; theatre; theatre reviews; United Nations, the; urbanization; vandalism; vegetarianism; video display terminals; videos, feminist; violence against women; volunteers; war mentality; Washington, DC; WJA anniversaries; WJA history; women of color; women, gifted and talented; women, older; women's resource center; women's studies; women's week; workshops for activism; World War II; writing workshops; youth, homosexual; YWCA;