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This study was conducted with purpose to explore the elapsed and hidden treasures of Cholistan dessert in South Punjab, Pakistan. It discusses the role of university libraries of South Punjab, museums, Pakistan National library, Pakistan Library Association and HEC, digitization centers and documentation centers. It suggests that grant must be provided for research activities in different aspects of Cholistani Culture including Tribal Folks, Art, Culture, loriyan and old songs. HEC and Punjab government should provide special funds to libraries to support endangered art and culture like Chunri, khusa, paintings, weaving, the famous puppet show of Cholistan, folk songs of Darawar and cultural theatre. New technologies like You-Tube, social networking sites, Facebook, and Web 2.0. etc may be used for public awareness. This paper highlights the splendid culture and architecture of great historical value in Cholistan. The magnificent forts, glorious palaces mosques and shrines of Uch are a living testimony to the grandeur of Cholistan, in the Punjab. Cholistan has some fifty sites and forts of Harappan demeanor. Derawer is situated in a dry bed of lost river Hacra.



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