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This paper appraised the utilization of journals by undergraduate students of Babcock University, Nigeria. The study population comprised 400 level students of 2012/2013 academic session totaling 1359. All 400 level students were selected because they had completed their final year research (project) work for the award of Bachelors’ degrees in different areas of study. Simple random sampling was used to select 815 respondents which was 60% from the total population. The instrument used for data collection was a structured questionnaire designed by the researchers. A total number of 815 questionnaires were administered on the respondents at one of the graduating class chapel seminars which usually held on Wednesday of every week and all were retrieved given a return rate of 100%. The study suggests that the undergraduate students used textbooks and past students’ final project, thesis and dissertation than journal publications. The paper highlights to a large extent some of the reasons why undergraduate students under utilize journal publications. Recommendations were made on how to improve journal usage among the undergraduate students to enhance their research work.