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The objectives of this study were to describe the information-seeking pattern of primary care doctors and to examine the present position of clinical information availability at remote government health facilities in the District of Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. The participants of this study were all the medical officers working in Basic Health Units (BHUs), Rural Health Centers (RHCs) and Tehsil Headquarters (THQs), as these doctors met the established criteria. Criteria included Health Facilities run under Executive District Officer (EDO) Health, Multan. A descriptive survey was conducted for data collection. A close ended questionnaire was developed after relevant literature review and also accessing the situation of the remote government health facilities in district Multan. Results of this study showed that doctors rarely have the access to the services of medical librarian and medical library. Seventy four (74%) respondents have no access to computer with an internet although the print format is the most preferred format for seeking clinical information among primary care doctors. The study summarized that doctor’s information seeking encountered barriers such as non availability of medical librarian, medical library that hindered the fulfillment of information needs.



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