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This study focused on the use of ICTs by yam farmers in Boluwaduro Local Government Area of Osun State. The study made use of cross-sectional research design and data were collected with the aid of structured questionnaire from 150 respondents selected through random sampling technique from five towns in the local government area. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics and regression analysis in finding relationships between variables. The findings show that most of the yam farmers in Boluwaduro that use ICTs as a source of agricultural information had secondary education and they were between the average ages of 35 years. The result supports the assertion that ease of access and availability were the major factors that influences the preference for ICTs use by the yam farmers in the LGA, and also, television, radio and mobile phone were the most preferred ICTs tools for agricultural information by the yam farmers.It was discovered that infrastructural facilities is the major problem constraining the use of ICTs by the yam farmers in Boluwaduro, and that demographic factors does not have any significant relationship with the use of ICTs by Boluwaduro yam farmers. While strong relationship existed between problem encountered and ICTs use by the yam farmers in Boluwaduro. Better infrastructure provision was also advocated to encourage the use of ICTs by the yam farmers.