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A large number of government, semi government and private Radio/TV stations or channels exist in India. All of these stations/channels have got small or big libraries with audio/video collection. The collection comprises of around 22 official languages ranging from Asami to Urdu. The collection also comprises of a variety of recording media ranging from earlier gramophone records to present day digital versatile discs (DVDs). Radio talks, interviews, discussions, situation and subject based programmes, musical concerts, songs (folk, classical, geet, ghazals), dramas, sports, humorous programmes, and so on depict the diversity of collection. Radio/TV Libraries in India need a reliable software ensuring safe & secure storage and reliable, fast and accurate retrieval of desired audio/video content. Moreover, there should be a mechanism to play the content, simultaneous upon its retrieval without losing any time. So the software should envisage instant and live linkage to such digital files from the database itself. A database was created using the MS Access 2007 Database Management System. Tables, queries, forms, macros, methods and procedures have been designed and developed to ensure reliable storage and fast/accurate retrieval of information. Digital files of songs have been stored outside the database linked to corresponding records in the database so that upon retrieval the particular song can be played instantly. The database can easily be operated in a networked atmosphere on client server mode of communication. The software will act as a reliable solution for development of an audio visual digital library of Hindustani film music.