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The study aims to quantify the scientific productivity of Physicists using Scientometric h-index and g-index indicators. Paper also identifies that h and g are complementary to each other and g ≥h (1.5 times of h). The most productive and highly cited physicists and their average citation per item at JNU are identified. Also the study enlists the best ten high impact papers published during 2007-2011. Questionnaire was used to know research papers published (2007-2011) by the physicists at JNU. These papers were cross checked for originality, accuracy and completeness from web of science, Scopus, and by visiting journals online. Quantification of scientific productivity of physicists states that Satyabrata Patnaik occupies best three ranks in all categories which make him the high impact and most cited author among others. There is a variation in rankings according to different order h, g and g/h. The study helps to know the research trends of past and present scientific activities of Physicists at JNU



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