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Library Philosophy and Practice is an electronic journal, that publishes articles of latest research in the field of Library and Information Science. It is a source, that pulishes the articles well in time and is a reputed journal in the field of LIS. Most of the authors in this field prefer to submit their articles in it.


The present study is citation analysis of articles appeared in the online journal, Information Research: an international electronic journal (IR) during the period 2008-2012. The maximum number of articles (57) as well as maximum number of citations (2324) was published in 2008. The average number of citations per article was 43.21. Also, the maximum numbers of articles (92) were having citations between 26-50. As for as form of citations is concerned, Journals were the most preferred form of citations by IR scholars while writing their papers. More than half of the citations (51.44%) were multi-authored, whereas 48.56% of citations were single-authored. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology was the most cited journal. The half period life of citations of this journal was about 9 years. In the end, ranked list of the most cited journals has also been given.