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DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology (DJLIT) is more than three decades old journal, published in the field of library and information Sciences, on bimonthly basis, by Defense Science Documentation Centre, New Delhi, India. The journal is enjoying wide readership both at national and international level. The present Bibliometric study was carried on 366 scholarly research articles published in ‘DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology, during the period 2003-2012. Present analysis is mostly confined to examine article distribution pattern of the journal articles, authorship pattern, geographical distribution of authors and citation analysis. A maximum of 147 articles contributed in the journal are on two author pattern, followed by 139 articles as single author. New Delhi since being the host state of the journal emerged the single largest contributing state with 199 out of 627 contributors from India. On average 6.20 articles were published by the journal in each issue during the period of investigation with total references 5063, thereby making average 13.83 references each article