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This study investigated the implication of gender in awareness and use of search engines by private university lecturers in South-South, Nigeria. Descriptive survey method was used in this study. Lecturers in private universities in South-South, Nigeria were the target for the study while those in Delta and Edo States were selected through a balloting process from a ballot container involving all the six South-South States with equal chance of selection. The other States that were not selected are Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River and Rivers States. The questionnaire was used in the study and 75 copies were duly completed and returned. Biodata were analyzed using frequency count and percentage, while hypotheses were tested using SPSS version 16 for windows. The findings Indicate that there is significant difference (t (df.73) is 3.69 and it is significant at 0.001) between male and female lecturers’ level of awareness of search engines, and the extent of utilization of Google search engine is also significantly different (t (df.73) is 4.80 and it is significant at .000). However, the extent of utilization of Yahoo search engine did not indicate a significant difference between male and female lecturers (t (df:73) is 1.16 and it is not significant at 0.05). It was therefore recommended that university libraries should put up an ICT policy document that promotes gender equity in the delivery of library and information services to clientele.