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Clinical Information need is an important factor for the practicing allopathic medical practitioners. This study aim is to identify the practitioners’ clinical information needs level and analysed with their experience and correlate with gender, educational qualification and workplace. Experience is classified into six categories like; 0-5years, 6-10years, 11-15years, 16-20years, 21-25years and above 25 years. Survey method is adopted and pretested questionnaire is used as a tool for data collection. Salem, Erode, Trippur, Coimbatore, and the Nilagari districts medical practitioners are used for this study. Among the 5290 samples, 10% (529) practitioners are selected by Stratified Proportionate Random Sampling (SPRS) method. One-way ANOVA, average weighted score plots and post-hoc tests are used for identification of the significant groups of the medical practitioners. From the result, experience is one of the most influenced factors of the allopathic medical practitioners clinical information needs.



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