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Dear Sir / Madam,

I wish to submit my research paper entitled ‘‘Research Trends in Journal of Intellectual Property Rights (JIPR): A Bibliometric Study’’ to publish in your reputed journal.


Kindly consider it and acknowledge the same.

Thanking you,

Velmurugan.C Librarian Department of Central Library Siva Institute of Frontier Technology Vengal, Thiruvallur TK & DT, Chennai- 601103


The purpose of this study is to investigate the bibliometric analysis of Journal of Intellectual Property Rights (JIPR) for selected six years between 2007and 2012. It is found that the highest number of contributions i.e., 56 (19.79 %) were published in the years 2012. The degree of collaboration in this journal is 0.34. Further, the study investigated the authorship pattern, volume wise and issue wise authorship, author’s productivity and the single and multi-authored papers and average citations, page distribution, rank wise geographical distribution of publications and several features.



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