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In today’s work environment there is a drastic change in the way how information are shared as well as networking and socializing take place in every society. No doubt that the Internet has become a powerful tool for communication purposes, to exchange ideas, and even used in participation in local, national and international networking. The history of the Internet emerges back in 1960s when several computer scientists were hired by Pentagon to build a system to decentralize communication network. As a result the Arpanet was born. Over time the network grew rapidly to interconnect numerous universities, research centers as well as commercial organization. Thereafter, the word and use of the Internet expand globally. No doubt, with that, Internet usage continues to develop rapidly over the years and now millions are using the Internet. The paper examines gender differences in Internet usage pattern among male and female students. Internet usage pattern covers items such as knowledge and experience on the Internet, purpose of using Internet and frequency of using e-mail. The paper also examines the influence of gender role on Internet usage pattern.