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This study aims to investigate the extent of the application of the marketing orientation concept in state and private university libraries in Jordan from the point of view of their managers and heads of department.

The study sample consisted of 155 library managers and heads of department, of which 85 (54.8%) responded. Thirty one (36.5%) of the respondents were from state university libraries and 54 (63.5%) were from private university libraries.

Study revealed that university libraries in state and private universities in Jordan both apply the concept of marketing orientation, although there are differences in the application of the components of marketing orientation. It also revealed that there were significant differences between the respondents’ points of view which could be attributed to the dependant variable of sex, although there were no significant differences between the respondents' points of view which could be attributed to experience or the variable of private vs. state libraries.

Study introduces some recommendations related to its findings, such as encouraging staff to perform sufficient research to obtain marketing information about the needs of library users and encouraging them to benefit from research conducted by other libraries in order to find out the needs of users.

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