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Research is the backbone of any subject field, not just required to be undertaken for its survival and sustenance but also for the furtherance of subject scope. Most of the research activities undertaken at any level are aimed towards the welfare and betterment of living being and humans being the first consideration. Medical research has always been the supreme fantasy of humans as it has got direct bearing upon human health and longevity of life. In the present study attempt has been made to have an analysis of medical literature produced in four most primer medical and research institutions of India. To undertake the study, data was retrieved from Web of Science, Thomson Reuters on November 08, 2012 and the analysis is being undertaken on those publications only identified on this particular databank. The study is undertaken with the view to assess the general publication trend of medical sciences in India by undertaking four primer medical institutions under study. Study of the related literature has also been undertaken so as to develop better understanding of the concept and thereby help in the furtherance of its scope.



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