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Khan, N. A.,Jan,S.,& Amin,A. (2014). Research trends in select Science faculties of University of Jammu.Library Philosophy and Practice.


The study attempts to analyze and report research trends in various subject fields of the faculty of Sciences, Life Sciences and Mathematical Science of University of Jammu. The analysis is based on the data gathered from SCOPUS as on March-May, 2011. The data gathered were meticulously analysed to depict research trends in different Departments and Subject areas viz: collaboration at various levels, authorship patterns, and citation profile. The findings reveal that although the faculties under study have witnessed potential growth in terms of research output. However, several departments are still lagging behind in terms of productivity and quality research, which is evident from low research output and citation count received by the publications. Current study is confined to 1237 research contributions that were published during 39 years from (1972 to May, 2011), by the 15 departments under the faculty of Sciences, Life Sciences and Mathematical Sciences of University of Jammu indexed by SCOPUS. The study is beneficial to highlight potential areas of research and will act as a tool for addressing problems at research front in those subject areas where research output is very meagre.