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This study reports the Internet usage, purposes, difficulties while using internet by the Post Graduate Sstudnets at Nishtar Medical College (NMC), Multan and also identifies the usage of different health related websites and databases to supplement learning by PGS. This study is based on comprehensive literature review and pre-tested questionnaire that was distributed among 210 PGS. The response rate was very satisfactory 85%. The collected data was finally analyzed by using SPSS version 17. The results show that 33(18.5%) were female and 145(81.5%) male in total 178 respondents. All of the respondents used internet except only one respondent. Majority of the respondents always use Internet for their education purpose frequently use it for research, for up to date information, to obtain information about health and entertainment purposes. Results show that PGS were using Pubmed database sometimes and MedScape, PakMediNet and EBSCOhost occasionally. The study concludes for the need of awareness, orientation and trainings to utilize different databases for seeking scholarly information.