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Summer 2013


This study aims to investigate or verify whether gender affects the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities among academics. The study used a survey approach that involved questionnaires to solicit data from 154 academics. For the past few years, an assortment of ICT facilities such as computers, laptops, projectors, printers and many others have been available to academics for accessibility and use in collaboration, teacher-student communication, online assignment, research, teaching and learning.

Using the t-test analysis, access rates and use of ICT among male and female academics was observed to be insignificant. Again, the findings revealed a significant difference between male and female academics on ‘ICT increasing collaboration with other tertiary faculty members’, ‘performing information/data management activities’ and ‘accomplishing tasks more quickly’. Strategies have been suggested to utilize ICT in educational institutions include improving on ICT infrastructure, provision of a policy environment, increasing Internet bandwidth, providing alternative power supply, improving on ICT infrastructure, enhancing ICT training programs, recruiting more ICT personnel and collaboration between academics and industry.