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This study assessed the use of radio and other means of information dissemination among the residents of Ado-Ekiti. It is a survey research employing descriptive research design of the survey type, the instrument used to collect data was questionnaire. The sampled population was one hundred and twenty residents of Ado-Ekiti (120) were selected to participate in the study using simple random sampling technique while the collected data was analysed using tables, bar chart, simple percentage and frequency count, mean and standard deviation. The findings revealed that radio is the most important instrument in information dissemination because it reaches larger percentage of the people irrespective of their location; it promotes the level of awareness of the people on socio-political and economic issues and it also enable people to be adequately informed about programmes and activities of the government. The cost of accessing information through radio, television and use of mobile phone were not expensive as shown by the study while that of internet, satellite and cable television were expensive. Radio was mostly used to access information followed by mobile phone, television, newspaper, social network, satellite and cable television followed by the internet. The three major problems facing the residents of Ado-Ekiti in accessing information were poor television signals, high cost of purchase, installation and subscription of satellite television and many cannot afford the cost of internet connectivity. It was concluded that more need to be done to improve accesordss of the residence of Ado- Ekiti to information most especially the internet and cable television.