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Nhendodzashe Nancy and Nhendo Collen. An assessment of information dissemination channels used by the Zimbabwe Women's Resource Centre and Network in the provision of HIV/AIDS information to women. 2013


In light of a high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate among women in Zimbabwe, this study sought to assess the extent to which the Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Centre and Network (ZWRCN) was effective in disseminating HIV/AIDS information to combat the pandemic among women. Literature reviewed that in as much as information was crucial in the fight against HIV/AIDS; there are other strategies that should be employed in combating HIV/AIDS to complement information dissemination activities such as economic empowerment of women and promotion of gender equality. The evaluation research design was used to accomplish the research objectives. The population of the study consisted of thirty-five women and five ZWRCN staff. Thirty out of the thirty-five women responded to a questionnaire whilst three out of five ZWRCN staff members responded to an interview. The study revealed that most women did not have access to HIV/AIDS information they needed. Where such information was available, it was not based on formal needs assessment, hence, mostly irrelevant. The study recommended the ZWRCN to engage in effective needs assessment as well as partnering with other organisations whose mandate was gender and HIV/AIDS. The expected outcome of this recommendation was hoped to ensure the reversal of the pandemic among women. Of major importance was the introduction of outreach programmes where officers would collect, document and provide access to the needed information.