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Spring 5-5-2014


The article analyses the citations of doctoral dissertations in Commerce awarded by University of Kerala, India from 2001 to 2010. Data extracted include year of submission of thesis, title of the thesis, title of the cited work, year of the publication of the cited work type of the document and if journal title of the journals. The citations were divided into six categories; books, journals, conference papers, reports, theses/dissertations and electronic documents. The journal articles are cited more and it is 38.79% of total documents cited. Economic and Political Weekly (50) got highest number of citation. The latest document used is published in the year 2007 and the oldest one in the year 1923. The decade 1991-2000 got highest citation (35.73%). Bradford’s law do not find fit with Commerce literature. The rate of self citation is very less i.e 0.0022953. Scattering of literature among different subjects include core areas of Commerce to distant areas like public administration.



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