Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Research on library deviance in Nigeria has largely relied on librarians’ accounts, which often portray students as ‘deviants’ and the libraries as ‘victims’, however we focus on a holistic account which incorporates both students’ and librarians’ narratives in the analysis of deviant behaviours in library utilization. Through observations and interviews the paper highlighted some common trends of deviance and the implication on library utility in selected universities. The study reveals a gap in the security of students’ personal effects, inadequate electricity supply and a wide range of deviant behaviours associated with the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the library. The impact of these lapses thus put much pressure on both librarians and students users. The study recommends proper funding of libraries to enable the adoption of a 21st Century Library Model which guarantees a variety of spatial and safety arrangements in curbing the menace of deviants in library utilization.



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