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Using the Libqual+ model, the present study aims to compare the viewpoints of students and librarians in the Tehran’s Medical Sciences University to determine the quality of library services. The results show that the users consider the current quality of services lower than what the librarians consider them to be. This difference of opinion is much more drastic when examining the information control subscale. Service superiority gap was estimated to be -2.14 for the overall library services under study and the said libraries fall fairly short of providing users with the desired level of services. From the users’ point of view, the three subscales of Libqual+ do not have an equal effect on the quality of the provided services whereas the librarians all agree with an equal effectiveness of the subscales. The librarians have a correct understanding of the users’ expectations and the gap between the users’ expectations and the librarians’ perceptions of their needs and demands is very small (0.18).