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This project seeks to explore and observe differences in RDFa and microdata and their ability to retain proper schematization and syntax when converted back to RDF/XML. Online conversion tools were used to transpose existing RDF/XML files from online data dumps to RDFa and microdata, and then back to RDF/XML, offering some insights into RDFa and microdata’s capabilities, as well as a taste of what may happen in the future if major search engines decide to move away from microdata and developers need to convert to a different semantic markup language. Multiple online converters were employed in the conversion process in an attempt to identify and isolate the effects of potential programming errors. Ultimately, there was no major difference in data integrity between RDFa to RDF/XML and microdata to RDF/XML. Larger differences can be ascribed to the conversion tools being used rather than the formats themselves, as well as the quality the original RDF document.