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Examines 2508 publications in Indian pneumonia research, as indexed in Scopus database during 2004-13, witnessing an annual average growth rate of 19.86%, an average citation impact per paper of 2.85 and international collaborative publication share of 14.19%. The global share of Indian pneumonia research was 2.74% during 2004-13, which increased from 1.83% to 3.39% from 2004-08 to 2009-13. Medicine contributed the largest publications share (76.28%) in Indian pneumonia research, followed by pharmacology, toxicology & pharmaceutics (16.27%), biochemistry, genetics & molecular biology (13.12%), immunology & microbiology (7.19%) and chemistry (3.99%) during 2004-13. The 15 most productive Indian organizations and authors in Indian pneumonia research contributed 34.01% and 10.88% share each to its cumulative publications output during 2004-13 and have registered an average productivity of 56.87 and 18.20, an average citation impact per paper of 3.15 and 4.06, an average h-index value of 9.27 and 7.00 and an average share of international collaborative papers of 16.65% and 14.29%..