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We wish to appreciate your prompt publication of our article titled: Use of ServQUAL in the Evaluation of Service Quality of Academic Libraries in Developing Countries. However, it was amazing to observe that the article which was authored by five persons was mistakenly published using only the name of the corresponding author.

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Purpose – This paper assesses the quality of services to users in academic libraries in developing countries using ServQUAL model. The purpose was to expose the service areas where the desires of library users’ are not met, ascertain the causes, and suggest corrective measures.

Approach – Both primary and secondary sources were explored for data collection. Questionnaire and the websites were used, and the 3,832 library users sampled from four developing countries was the research population of this article. Data was analyzed and discussed using descriptive statistics, and other illustrations.

Findings – The paper revealed that in developing countries: all the service indicators evaluated were negatively marked; There is significant different between the perceptions and expectations of library users; Academic libraries are not satisfying users’ expectations; While tangibility and empathy were the highest and lowest dimensions in developing countries, reliability and tangibility were the order in developed countries; factors such as lack of modern facilities, poor funding, and weak e-leadership quality were negatively affecting the quality of library services. Greater efforts should be channeled toward closing the gaps between the perceptions and the expectations of library users.

Practical Implications –This result could be used in comparing the service quality of academic libraries in developed and developing countries.

Originality –This paper is the first attempt to use ServQUAL model in the comparison of service quality of academic libraries in developed and developing countries.

Keywords – Academic libraries, Service Quality, ServQUAL in developing countries, ServQUAL in academic libraries.

Article Type – Empirical Study