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I would like to submit my paper entitled, Mobile Technology Publications Research Output as Indexed in Engineering Index: A Scientometric Analysis, for the consideration to publication in your peer reviewed Journal. Kindly accept and acknowledge the same.


The present study analysis has been taken into account in the filed of mobile technology research output using Engineering Index database for selected period of ten years from 2003 to 2012. This study also explores the trend in authorship pattern and collaborative in mobile technology publications with sample of 1, 44,567 research articles during the period from 2003 to 2012. The findings of the study shows that in the year 2011 was the most productive year with 20318 articles (14.05%) published. Among the top ten country wise authors, the highest numbers of articles (22.83%) were contributed by the authors from China. USA has got second rank to contribute in this field with 13.26% followed by Japan 8.11% of articles and Korea 6.82% of articles respectively. It is also important to know that out of ten top countries, India was the seventh place contributed 6150 articles. Among the top ten languages, the maximum number of articles have been published in English Language (96.12%), followed by Chinese 3.13% articles, Japanese 0.27% articles and 0.14% in Russian and German. The authors who have published maximum number of articles are also identified. The relative growth rates (RGR) and Doubling Time (DT) and many more features identified.