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Thanks to Dr. Mary Bolin for support in completing this literature review, which was initially written for her Metadata class at San José State University.


METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard) is an XML-based, data communication standard used for digital collections in cultural heritage institutions, including libraries, archives, and museums, and maintained by the Library of Congress. Recent articles have been written for those in the cultural heritage community who may find METS beneficial. Even so, the uses of METS are still being discovered in terms of best practices and interoperability. One of the main issues with METS is how it can be used with external schemas such as MODS, PREMIS, or Dublin Core. This paper includes a brief description of METS as a wrapper with external metadata schemas, followed by a literature review focusing on METS’ development since 2001, and its recent uses with external schemas.



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