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Every field of study needs the other to survive and fully realize her set objectives and goals. This obviously is the brain behind the synergy of the librarian and the medical personnel. In this backdrop, the researchers identified the need for the collaborative roles of the librarian and the medical personnel towards the provision of healthy information for patients in Nigerian hospitals. For the librarian, the hospital patient is categorized under the disadvantaged groups owing to the critical nature of their information needs. And for the medical personnel, nothing can be more engaging than saving lives. The hospital patient therefore needs special attention. Information is no doubt power, but then, some of these pieces of information are very destructive and harmful especially for the vulnerable and sometimes helpless bedridden patients in hospitals. This paper therefore examines the rationale behind the joint roles of the librarian and the medical personnel and how their synergy will enhance efficiency and productivity in their respective service delivery. In addition, the paper examines whether the hospitals and their complementary libraries are actually existent and functional; whether medical personnel and librarians can actually agree; whether the human, material and other resources needed are available; whether there are good, usable and accessible ICT infrastructure; and then the implications of these. At the end, it is believed that the collaboration will result to efficient and equitable dissemination of authoritative information for not only the hospital patient, but also others in quest for healthy information.