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Analyse articles in SRELS journal of information management published during the years 2004-2013 and to study the key dimensions of its publication trends. For this study 10 volumes containing 48 issues have been taken up for evaluation. Necessary bibliometric measures are applied to analyse different publication parameters. In all 499 articles are published with an average 49 articles each year. The collaborative measures are calculated as per Ajiferuke et al (0.35), Lawani (2.28) and Subramanyam (0.65). The average author per article is 1.83 for 499 articles. Lotka’s law is tested and conforms to a value of n=2.27. There are 6224 citations found appended to 499 articles during the period 2004-2013. Journals (44.49%) are the top form of source used by authors followed by books (22.51%) and web pages (15.60%). Ranked list of prolific authors and ranked list of journals is prepared and presented in respective tables. Khaiser Nikam and MP Satija have topped the ranked list of prolific authors with 11 articles each. SRELS Journal of Information Management topped the ranked list of journals with 197 (7.11%) citations. Among different countries contributing to this journal, authors from India (94.75%) have made maximum contributions. Authors from Karnataka (43.59%) have contributed majority of articles among Indian States. Bradford’s Law of Scattering is verified through Leimkuhler model and found fitting the data.