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Johari, Fuadah, Ab. Aziz, Muhammad Ridhwan, & Mohd. Ali, Ahmad Fahme (2014). A Review on Literatures of Zakat Between 2003 - 2013, Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal).


The objective of this article is to analysis the related literatures on zakat between 2003 until 2013. The methodology of this article is through descriptive research based on document-analysis on previous articles and literatures on zakat between 2003 until 2013. Data from each articles related in this field were collected and statistically analyzed using the Statistical Product & Service Solution (SPSS) software. This study looked at several variables which include authorship patterns, number of articles published, research approach, subject and gender of the author. The general finding of this article shows that the zakat issues are among the most discussed issues among the Muslims scholars as well as the economic researchers due to the porpoise of zakat is among the method in reducing and eliminating poverty. Henceforth, this article provides significant suggestions and strategies for the future exploration on zakat.