Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Electrical power supply is a panacea for provision of e-library services such as the e- newspaper services in university libraries. The power failure affects the efficacy and effectiveness of e-newspaper services in today’s university libraries. The study examined effects of electricity outage on e-newspaper services in university libraries in Nigeria with Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa, Edo State as a case study. The study employed the use of questionnaire as the instrument for data collection. 40 staff members of Samuel Adegboyega University staff were sampled. The findings indicate that the country is yet to provide desired level of electricity supply to meet the needs of libraries in the provision of electronic newspaper services in university libraries. It was also revealed that no meaningful e-newspaper services can be recorded without constant supply of electricity. It was therefore recommended that adequate electrical power supply should be provided for provision of effective and efficient newspaper services in university libraries